What do we distribute?

Our portfolio consists of a wide range of products for all ages – both for active, communicative music-making and for the regenerative, sensual experience of sounds and music.

To achieve this, we have been developing our instruments and sound furniture for 30 years, manufacturing them and distributing them ourselves and through our partners. In addition to our own products, we offer selected instruments from other manufacturers, that are especially suitable for pedagogy, therapy and autodidactic learning of an instrument.

How do we distribute?

It is important to us that our products can be touched and experienced – this also allows for a sensible purchase decision. In order to make our products accessible and experience them in a sensual way, we travel in all directions to trade fairs, health conventions, conferences and also run our own showroom right in the heart of Germany.

In addition to that, we collaborate with a network of specialist dealers and institutions that also make our products available to you to test and purchase.

Contact persons

For a list of showrooms and dealers to test our products, please ask.

Of course you can also visit our showroom in Bad Zwesten or our internet shop to get more information or place an order.

For advice and appointments, simply call us on 06693-8350 or send us an email.