Music and sound instruments

In our manfactory we create various music and sound instruments for active communicative music making as well as for the regenerative, relaxing and sensual experience of sounds. In addition to furniture and instruments from our own workshop, we offer a variety of specially selected and recommendable instruments and accessories from other manufacturers in Europe and all over the world.

Based on many years of experience and cooperation with users from a wide variety of industries, we compile our product range for you. This is also seen as a service to our valued customers.

Table drum

The table drum is a unique instrument, developed by Dipl. Ing. Caspar Harbeke springing from the experience of various workshops with children and adults. The table drum was developed to be played by a group at a table and offers plenty of opportunities for playful rhythm training and communication exercises.

Like all ALLTON products, the table drum is functional, stable, of high-quality and durable. It is available in diameters from 70 to 110 cm.


To complement the sound furniture various monochords for mobile use are produced in our workshop. Smaller monochords – well-suited for vibroacoustic sound massage – enable optimal sound transmission to the human body. At the same time they are a slightly quieter. Applied to hands, feet, back, stomach and lap, they provide gentle and deeply felt relaxation and sensory stimulation.

Various tunings are available: Bass monochord with 21 strings on one note or you can choose the tamboura tuning, which has a harmonizing and at the same time stimulating effect through the interplay of fundamental, fifth and octave.