Craftmanship and workshop


We love craftsmanship, the creative use of materials, the creation of things that give pleasure to others and to us and increase the quality of life. Handicraft is a valuable cultural asset. However, practicing a craft also often requires unusual ways.


With our workshop team we are able to produce instruments and sound furniture in high quality in small quantities. In addition to the standard machines, the carpentry workshop is also equipped with various special machines. For the production of moulds and resonance chambers we have gained a lot of experience in 30 years and we are constantly improving our products to make them even better.


Customizations and special designs are created for our customers at our in-house production facility. Please contact us if you are looking for something special, be it special furniture for therapeutic purposes, a room concept for relaxation rooms, special loungers for wellness areas or for you personally, sound art objects for the garden of the senses… We are always looking forward to new challenges.

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