Music Lounger “Klangwoge”

Feel the power of music

The Klangwoge (Allton Music Lounger) is a lounger that has been developed to apply relaxing, pain-relieving, strength-giving sound massages. It can also be used by people who want to enjoy a sound massage on their own without assistance.

We designed the lounger to be ergonomic, comfortable, inviting while still sporting a cool look. We didn’t just want a thick heavy black massage chair. Instead, our lounger should be shapely and made from living natural materials. It should be capable of giving a musical massage right on the reclining surface, that can be played via a music system and without the need of an instrument to operate.

Ergonomics + Design

In the beginning we worked for 2 years to the best possible shape for a relaxed lying position. For this we had a great amount of support by our network of coaches and therapists, especially Sabine Heil with her know-how in body ergonomics and her love for design. The form was not simply designed on the drawing board, but was tested until almost all body types could could be accomodated and really relaxed.

The lying surface is made of home-made laminated wood – extremely stable and yet so flexible that the ends of the surface can transmit the musical vibrations to the entire lying surface like sound tongues. Initially, we had a smart design where the lying surface was placed on a pair of large wooden tubes. But the lounger also had to be suitable for public facilities, business areas, and for use as a versatile therapy couch.

Powernap to pain treatment

This innovative lounger is now available in a wide range of designs and materials for various applications – as a Powerlounger regeneration couch, as a Medibalance therapy couch, and as a relaxation and wellness lounger. We can provide the lounger in individual designs adapted to your particular needs and taste, in different widths, also with armrests and other equipment or interior.

The Klangwoge (music lounger) is optimised for a relaxed lying position in which you can breathe well and relieve your back. In clinics, companies, hypnosis practices, therapy practices, thermal baths, wellness areas, studios or even in private living rooms, it is an energizing place of relaxation for body, senses and soul.

klangliege klangwoge
Klangwoge Modell Vario
klangwoge medibalance
Klangwoge Medibalance