Networking is an important tool for our understanding. You can only make music with each other, not against each other. We are connected with therapists, coaches, pedagogues and training institutes who work with our and similar instruments and we support their work. Many important impulses for our products come from our partners from their daily professional practice – we are grateful for that.


In order to strengthen the access to work with music & sound for health promotion, we also organise workshops, concerts, further education with our partners and support initiatives that promote both active music making and the perception of sound in the various fields of application.

Making music is more than producing sounds. Making music is a skill that anyone can learn and that can be an important elixir of life. It strengthens self-confidence, social competence and joy of life. No matter which level, the essential thing is that it comes from the heart. One wrong note can be better than 100 perfect tones reproduced from sheet music.