Klangschaukelstuhl (sound rocking chair)

Experience vibration

The sound rocking chair (“Klangschaukelstuhl”) perfectionates the multifunctionality of the sound cradle and enables an intensive sound relaxation experience in a seated position. The Allton team listens to the wishes of the users: ”I need this experience please while sitting” …“ I can/will treat my clients not while lying but while sitting” …. ”Unfortunately we do not have so much space in our room for a sound cradle” ….. “Is it still possible to do this with a swaying motion?” …… “Can I also convert the chair into a cradle?” Yes, that’s all possible.


The sound cradle is connected in an upright position to a fitted seat in such a way that the vibrations of the strings can be transmitted in an optimal fashion. The rocking skids are designed so you can sit in a comfortable supine position and relax. This way it is possible to gently swing back and forth in the chair when required (by self-initiating and controlling the motion).

However, if you do not move or place fixation wedges under the runners, the chair remains in a stable position.

Easy to play

The sound rocking chair can be played comfortably from behind or from the side with eye contact to the client. The strings on the side are tuned to only 2 notes in a harmonic interval. By simply stroking the strings (anyone can do that) a supporting “carpet of sound” is created. In the Klangschaukestuhl one feels safe and protected during the treatment. Sounds can be felt intensely.