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Here is a list of people that work with the sound cradle (Klangwiege) or Klangwoge that you can contact for an appointment for a treatment. Can’t find someone in your region? – Call us and we will try to give you further addresses in your area in consultation with the providers.


04651 Bad Lausick Isa Pfefferle-WaltherKlangschaukelstuhl (sound rocking chair)
14193 BerlinDr. med. Gerhard TuschyKlangwiege (sound cradle)
32760 DetmoldHildegard GrieseKlangwiege (sound cradle)
34117 KasselCordelia FischerKlangwiege (sound cradle)
34123 KasselTanja GessnerKlangwoge/Physiotherapy
34560 FritzlarEvelyn Hohmann Klangschaukelstuhl (sound rocking chair)https://www.logopä
34582 BorkenYvonne AkkoyunKlangwoge
34576 Homberg/EfzeMartina FalkKlangwoge
34587 FelsbergJutta Schang-SchildKlangschaukelstuhl (sound rocking chair)
34613 SchwalmstadtAnette HeßlerSinging bowls
58332 SchwelmAnke WiesbrockKlangwiege (sound cradle)
70378 StuttgartUlrike BeiseKlangschaukelstuhl (sound rocking chair)
76676 Graben-NeudorfPatricia Geißler Klangschaukelstuhl (sound rocking chair)/Klangwiege (sound cradle)
84432 HohenpoldingHeike SämannKlangschaukelstuhl (sound rocking chair)
90441 NürnbergJürgen HuckKlangwoge
91301 ForchheimAgathe BuchfelderKlangtisch (sound table)/Singing bowls


8632 Tann Daniela Lindenmann Klangwiege (sound cradle)