Music moves

In therapy, music plays a very supportive role. Music can change moods and feelings, when listening attentively as well as when actively making music. Music has the ability to reduce pain and fear and to activate the brain’s reward system. Possible side effects are joy and enthusiasm.

There is no special area in the brain for music, like, say, the speech centre. Via the limbic system music is able to reach all areas of the brain and to touch us emotionally this way. Musical instruments and sound furniture are increasingly often used in music therapy and as tools in other methods of body therapy and physiotherapy.

Active and receptive 

For receptive music therapy or methods that promote mindfullness and cognitive abilities the sound cradle (Klangwiege) or our music lounger Klangwoge are well suitable. For both, sounds and selected music can be sensed vibro-acoustically which intensifies the relaxing effects of said sounds and music.

The tactile sensation of sounds/music promotes one’s own physical awareness and often creates new access points to personal experiences, to a stronger ability to relax and enjoy, to more physical and self-awareness. Our instruments like the table drum, frame drums und other percussion instruments are especially well suited for active music therapy and for communication- and expression-enhancing interventions. We offer a great choice of instruments that are playable even without practice, intuitively and spontaneously. We are happy to assist you in your choice.

Further education

We offer and arrange musical and sound therapeutic seminars and education. These can take place either in our KlangMöbel-Galerie here in Bad Zwesten, Germany or inhouse where you are based. To achieve this we collaborate with a big network of music and sound therapists.

You can find us as exhibitors at conventions and conferences. We are also members of DMtG (Deutsche Musiktherapeutische Gesellschaft, german music therapeutical society) und der DE-G  e.V. (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Entspannungsverfahren, german society for relaxation techniques). You are welcome to subscribe to your newsletter so we can inform you about upcoming seminars and conferences. Alternatively you are welcome to browse our “When”-page.

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Interview mit Jochen Sattler


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